New voyages to Sakaiminato and reservations open



◆New voyages to Sakaiminato and reservations open◆


A new road to Japan opens!

Now depart from Vladivostok (via Donghae) and Donghae to Sakaiminato!


1. Sakaiminato official operation start date

Departure from Vladivostok August 1 (Thursday)

Departure from Donghae August 2nd (Friday)


2. Regular voyage schedule

Departure/Arrival Day/Time
Departs from Vladivostok every Thursday 14:00
Arrival at Donghae every Friday 13:00
Departs from Donghae every Friday 18:00
Arrival at Sakaiminato every Saturday 09:00
Departs from Sakaiminato every Sunday 18:00
Arrival at Donghae every Monday 09:00
Departs from Donghae every Tuesday 15:00
Arrival at Vladivostok every Wednesday 16:00

*Based on local time


For inquiries,

Tel: 033-521-0661


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