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※ Guidance for importing Personal Goods in custom process at Russia


1. Money

- It is allowed to bring currency in an amount not exceeding the equivalent of USD 10,000 (total amount of cash and traveler cheques) without declaration.
- Monetary instruments (bills of exchange, bank cheques, securities to bearer) are subject to declaration regardless of the amount.


2. Goods

- Goods for an amount not exceeding EUR 500 and of a total weight not exceeding 25 kg may be brought in without paying customs duties when travelling by road or water.

- In case the above quotas are exceeded, customs duties and taxes of 30% of the cost but not less than EUR 4.00 per 1 kg of the weight will be charged.


3. Alcohol

- It is prohibited to import over 5 liters of alcoholic beverages or beer from abroad.
- All alcohol beverages over 3 liters must be declared and customs duties and taxes of EUR 10.00 per 1 liter are to be paid for every liter over the quota.


4. Tobacco

Tobacco products that can be imported without paying customs duties:
• 200 cigarettes,
• or 50 cigars,
• or 250 grams of tobacco,
• or assorted products listed above with a total weight not exceeding 250 grams


* The alcohol and tobacco import regulations imply that only adults over 18 may bring in these goods.

* Imported goods should be intended for non-business personal, family, domestic use. Customs officials determine the goods’ purpose based on their number and nature, as well as how often the individual crosses the border.

* For more detailed information, please review a booklet provided by Russia Custom Service [Download]

※ PCR Certification Mandatory Withdrawn


It is notified that, as the mandatory of submitting PCR certification for non-Russian passenger before entering Russia have been withdrawn since 21st October, 2022, previously-requested requirements of submitting PCR certification before boarding passenger ship at Donghae and Vladivostok were all withdrawn.


However, for safety of passengers and ship's crews, body temperature check shall be carried out before boarding. The passengers over 37.5°C should submit 1. Expert's RAT certification, or 2. PCR certification tested within 48hours of departure date. 


As PCR certification mandatory were withdrawn, we kindly ask every passenger to care about personal sanitation more and certainly wear a mask in passenger terminal and ship.

Notice : Vladivostok Departure Time Changed - 29th November


It is notified that the departure time for Ferry Vessel Eastern Dream on 29th November changed due to bad weather as follows;-


Time of departure from Vladivostok: 30th November 15:00 (check-in from 09:00)

Time of arrival Donghae : 1st December 13:00